How it works

Schedule an appointment

with a dentist

over your morning cup of coffee

Schedule an appointment

with a notary

during а business meeting

Schedule an appointment

with your hairdresser

while spending time outdoors

How Lineless can work for you?

Use the Lineless widget on your website, and customers will be able to schedule an appointment in just a few clicks. Do you know if you can receive a client on the following Thursday 11 am? Lineless knows it for you!

Select service

Select time


Lineless’ interactive calendar

Lineless’ calendar is extremely user friendly: confirm, reschedule or decline your appointments with a laptop, tablet or phone.

Lineless will immediately notify your client in a convenient way.


With the convenient system of text and email notifications your clients will never forget about upcomming appointments.

Lineless’ personal page

If you do not have a website, Lineless’ page can act as your business’ website! Just give your customer the link to your Lineless’ page.

Personal Lineless’ page is a business card with your photo, list of your services, contacts, map, and, of course... the «Schedule appointment» button!